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Canada needs skilled farm workers of all levels to solve the problem of the current low number of workers in the Canadian market, which means that your chance to immigrate to Canada as a farm worker has just increased, that's why the Canadian government has implemented programs to encourage foreign skilled workers in the agricultural industry to immigrate to Canada Immigration to Canada in order to work in the field of agriculture and agriculture.

Canada is one of the largest agricultural producers and exporters and ranked fifth in the world in 2018, with more than 193,000 farms and 272,000 operators in 2016, and now on the verge of entering 2022, it still ranks first globally in this field.

This sector contributed up to C$48 billion to the national GDP in 2021, compared to C$40 billion in 2016.

Moreover, the agricultural sector holdings increased from 474 to 563 billion Canadian dollars in the past five years, at present, 1 in 58 residents is part of the farm population. Farm jobs are satisfying and profitable, with a household income of 82,000 for total 2016 employment sectors.

How much does a Stable make in Canada ?

The average stable salary in Canada is 37,500 dollars per year or 3,125 dollars per month. Entry-level positions start at $29,250 per year, while most experienced workers make up to $60,450 per year.

How to Immigrate to Canada to work on farms and stables ?

Almost all Canadian immigration routes are based on the same criteria, and a person who intends to immigrate to Canada in order to work in this field must prepare himself before starting the steps to achieve this according to these basic rules:

1 - What is the agricultural sector and the profession you intend to work in?

2 - Are you planning to start a new life in Canada, or work for some time and then return to your country?

3 - What Canadian programs and provinces are suitable for you and are you entitled to apply for them?

Agricultural sectors that an immigrant to Canada can work in: 

Agriculture Managers (NOC 0821 - Skill Level A):

Managers in agriculture plan, organize, direct, control, and evaluate the operations and functions of farms. They are for growing crops, raising and raising livestock, poultry and other animals and marketing agricultural products. They usually own and operate their own facilities.

List of required Jobs in canada

Stable Manager - grain farm manager - grain farms - grain product - chicken farms - cow calf worker - crop farms - Dairy cattle breeder - Dairy farm manager - dairy farms - dog breeder - pet groomer - egg product - farm manager - Farms (excluding nurseries and fish farms) - fattening farms - Forage Crops Farms - Fruit farm operator - fruit farms - fruit farms - fruit product - fur farms - fur animal farms - ginseng farms - goat breeder - Grain and oilseed farms - Grain and oilseed farms - Cereals and oilseeds producer - grain farm manager - Grain farm operator - grain farms - grain farms - grain product - vineyards - grape product - hatchery manager - hatchery operator - pig breeder - pig farms - pig product - farmer jump - Leap product - horse breeder - kennel operator - Livestock Farms - maple syrup product - market gardener - mixed farms - mushroom farms - mushroom product organic farmer - cyclist breeder - potato farms - potato farms - potato product - poultry breeder - Poultry Breeder - Egg Production.

And :

Poultry farm manager - Poultry farms - egg production - poultry product - rabbit breeder - farm owner - Ranchman/woman - rodent breeder - rodent breeder - seed farms - seed farms - seed product - sheep farm operator - sheep farmer - sod farmer - sugar beet farms - sugar maple plantations - Tobacco farms - tomato farms - Tropical Fish Breeder - grass farms turkey product - vegetable gardener - vegetable farms - vineyard manager - vineyards - wheat farms - wheat farms - wheat product - fancier - animal farms - beekeeper - Beekeepers - apple farms - apple product - bean farms - bean plant - Beef cattle farms - beef product - beekeeper - bird breeder - broiler chicken product - broiler product - cat breeder - cattle rancher - Grain and oilseed farms - Cereals and oilseeds producer.

Horticultural Managers (NOC 0822- Skill Level A):

Horticultural managers plan, organize, direct and control the activities of nursery and greenhouse workers who grow and market trees, shrubs, flowers, and plants.

List of required Jobs in canada

Farmer master - nursery manager - nursery operator - nursery/woman - farmer/nursery - rose farms - shrub grower - Tree farmer/nursery - tree nursery operator - Christmas tree farm operator - evergreen farms - flower farms - greenhouse manager - greenhouse operator - Cape Farms - Hemp - horticultural greenhouse operator - flower grower - hydroponic operator - hydroponics farms - Hydroponics operator.

Aquaculture Managers (NOC 0823 - skill level A)

Aquaculture managers manage the operations of facilities that grow and harvest fish, shellfish, or marine plants to restock wildlife or for commercial sale. They are employed in public or private fish hatcheries and commercial aquaculture, or they may be self-employed.

List of required Jobs in canada

Lobster farms - mussel farms - mussel farms - oyster farms - oyster farms - salmon farms - salmon farms - trout farms - Aquaculture Director - Aquaculture operator - eel farms - fish farming manager - fish farming operator - fish farm manager - fish farm operator - fish farms - Fish hatchery manager - fish hatching operator.

Agricultural service contractors, farm supervisors and livestock workers (NOC 8252 - skill level B):

Agricultural service contractors provide agricultural services such as raising livestock and poultry, preparing soil, planting crops, spraying crops, and planting or harvesting. Farm supervisors supervise the work of general farm workers and harvest workers. Specialized livestock workers implement nutrition, health, and breeding programs on dairy, meat, sheep, poultry, pig and other livestock farms. Contractors may be self-employed.

List of required Jobs in canada

Classification station manager - for eggs - farm head - farm foreman/woman - farm foreman/woman - farm irrigation system contractor - Dedicated Agricultural Machine Operator - farm foreman/woman - Farm Operations Supervisor - Agricultural Products Classification Services Contractor - Agricultural product packaging service contractor - farm supervisor - farm workers supervisor - Foreman/woman in the feedlot - fattening herd worker - Fertilization Services Contractor - Agriculture - Crop and field vegetable workers foreman/woman - - Foreman/woman field crops - Foreman/woman Crops planted in the fields - Crop workers who grow in the fields Foreman/woman - Fruit farm foreman/woman - Fruit farm workers foreman/woman - Cereal foreman/woman - Custom Grain Harvester - Foreman/woman in the hatchery - Hatchery workers foreman/woman - herd worker - herd supervisor - shepherd / woman - flock - Pig farm foreman / woman - pig farm - supervisor - Pig farm workers supervisor - pig operations supervisor - Hope Farm Foreman/Woman - Horse stable foreman/woman - horse trainer - Irrigation Supervisor - Agriculture - livery stable foreman / woman - Livestock worker - Livestock services contractor - Livestock exchange contractor - Cattle farm workers foreman/woman.


Cattle foreman/woman - Head of cattle breeding workers - Maple Products Foreman / Women - Agriculture - milking services contractor - Mink farm supervisor - Mink farm supervisor - Orchard Foreman / Woman - Pasture Management Supervisor - Agriculture contractor - Pork Production Technician - Pork Production Technician Trainee - Poultry farm worker/lady - Poultry farm workers foreman/woman - Poultry Operations Supervisor - Poultry Incubation Services Contractor - horse racing coach - farm foreman/woman - Seed cleaning services contractor - seeding contractor - sheep wizard - Pastor sheep sheep shearing contractor - shepherd - soil preparation contractor - Soil Testing Service Contractor - stable head - barn and shepherds foreman / woman - Operation - secretarial foreman/woman - herd of pigs - Tobacco farm manager/woman - Tobacco planting workers foreman/woman - Turkey Foreman Farm / Lady - Agricultural workers Turkey foreman/woman - Vegetable farm foreman/woman - Vegetable farm workers foreman/woman - Karam Karam - Foreman/Woman - vineyard workers foreman/woman.


Weed Control Service Contractor - Agriculture - wool shearing contractor - Air Flick - Service Contractor - Agriculture Foreman / Woman - Foreman/woman in animal husbandry - Foreman/woman of the apple orchard - IVF contractor - artificial pollinator - cattle herder - Hiring a service contractor - A foreman/woman in a cattle fattening field - herdsman - Foreman of a cattle farm/woman - Contractor - Agricultural Service - choir head - Crop Dust Contractor - flick service - contractor - crop harvesting contractor - Crop Harvesting Services Contractor - Custom Integration Contractor - custom addition operator - custom combine harvester - Dairy farm foreman/woman - Dairy farm workers foreman/woman - dairy herd - Dehorning service contractor - Horse trainer and stunt dressage.

General Farm Workers (NOC 8431 - Skill Level C):

General farm workers grow, grow and harvest crops, raise livestock and poultry, and maintain and repair farm equipment and buildings. This group of units includes operators of agricultural machinery. They work on crops, livestock, fruits and vegetables, and specialty farms.

List of required Jobs in canada

Apiary technician - degenerate factor - Baler - Agriculture - Baling Machine Operator - Farm - barn worker - bee farm worker - Beef cattle farm worker - beekeeping technician - Notary Operator - Agriculture - Livestock farm worker - Livestock farm worker - sex chick chicken hunter - Manual Labor - Agriculture - collect the launcher - Cowboy / Cowgirl - Cowhand - Cowboy - Crop sprayer operator - - cultivator operator - Dedicated harvesting crew - Dairy farm worker - Dairy farm worker - dairy hand - egg candler - egg collector - egg - collector - egg class - Tender egg grading machine - egg grading station worker - an egg - Packer/Farm - Egg Picker/Poultry - egg processing machine tender - agricultural equipment operator - farm hand - farm worker - Agricultural machinery operator - farm worker - slimming technician - fattening field assistant - fattening field worker - Nutrition Aide - Nutrition factor - Field worker and vegetable crops - Crop and vegetable grower - Fruit Tester - Agriculture - Fruit farm worker - Fruit farm worker - fruit grower - fruit - tree pruning - thinner fruit tree - fur farm worker - fur farming worker - fur farm worker - General farm worker - Grafter.


Grain farm worker - grain farm worker - The groom/the farm - reaper operator - hatching agent - Hay Baler Operator - Agriculture - hand of the herd - Cowboy /cattle barns - pig farm worker - honey farm worker - Hop - picking machine operator - horse cutters - Tender Incubator - Agriculture - Irrigation Agent/Agriculture - Irrigation/Agriculture - Lamb fattening field worker - cattle driver - livestock worker - cattle scale - cattle yard facilities - cattle yard/woman - maple syrup maker - maple tapping agent - market garden worker - milk production worker - tender milking machine - mushroom farm worker - oilseed yield factor - orchard worker - Organic farm worker - pasture rider - penrider - cyclist farm worker - poultry farm worker - poultry farm worker - poultry house cleaner - Race horse training - farm hand - farm worker - A worker in a sheep fattening field - sheep shearer - soybean yield factor - stable assistant - stable hand - stable factor - stableman / woman - stock attendant - attendant barn - - Sugar bush worker - Sugar beet farm worker - pig technician - Lesson machine operator - Tobacco wavy - Tobacco farm worker - tobacco harvesting machine operator - Tobacco Primer - Tractor Operator - Farm - vegetable farm worker - vegetable reducer - Karam Al-Muqarib - generosity worker.

Harvest Workers (NOC 8611 - Skill Level D): 

 Harvest workers help other farm workers in harvesting, sorting and packing crops. 

List of required Jobs in canada

Apple picker - Berry Picker - Crop farm worker - harvest - option picker - Farm worker growing crops in fields - harvest - general - harvest fruit - fruit harvester - fruit harvest worker - Fruit or vegetable picker - Fruit Packer/Farm - fruit picker - Fruit Sorter/Farm - harvest hand - harvest worker - harvest worker - mushroom picker - small fruit picker - Tobacco cutter - Tobacco harvesting - Tobacco Picker - Tobacco Stripper - Tobacco Harvest - tomato picker - Vegetable Packer - Farm - vegetable picker Vegetable Sorter - Farm - worm reaper - early worm - worm picker.

How to apply for immigration to Canada to work in livestock farms and agricultural professions:

When it comes to finding the right way to immigrate to Canada to work in the field of agriculture and agriculture, it is about three ways, not just one.

- The first is by applying to the official website of the Canadian Ministry of Immigration, from which you can apply, and if you do not find your country classified among the countries whose citizens are entitled to apply, you must go to the second method.

- The second is by searching in Canadian employment sites and from here you can enter one of them, and then after you get a clear picture of the types of jobs required in Canada today in the agricultural and agricultural sector, then you submit an application for one of the offers there.

- The third is the best because it allows you to travel for free to Canada and stay for several months, especially for young people, where you work on a Canadian farm in exchange for accommodation and food, and the work continues for a few hours a day and after completing the tasks you can enjoy your time as you like as you discover the tourist places in those The Canadian province in which you work, and one of the most famous sites specialized in this field is this site that you can access from here, where you can register and select the country of Canada as the destination of your choice for free travel to Canada and choose from among the farms available to work on Canadian lands.

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