Getting Express Entry Canada points with a Canadian job offers

Express Entry Canada

Job offers that satisfy specific requirements might earn you additional points in the Express Entry Canada system.

In the points-based Express Entry system, you may get an extra 50 or 200 Comprehensive Ranking System CRS points for having a work offer in Canada. Your chances of getting an Invitation to Apply ITA for permanent residency increase with the more CRS points you have.

Express Entry Canada 2022

Express Entry applicants are quite rare in their ability to get these points. Thirteen percent of Express Entry Canada applicants in 2019 were awarded bonus points for having a job offer when they received Invitations to Apply ITAs.

The 50-point prize is most certainly yours if you meet the requirements. If you want to get 200 points, you must be a Canadian citizen and have a job offer in one of six jobs, all of which are senior management roles and lawmakers. Only a job offer in a skilled profession will qualify you for the 50-point prize.

What constitutes a "valid" job application

Full-time continuous paid employment is deemed acceptable by Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada IRCC. To be considered full time, an employee must work at least 30 hours per week for a single company, or up to two for FSTP applicants. After you get your permanent residence visa, you must work full-time for at least one year in a job that is not seasonal in nature.

On top of that, it must be a skilled vocation, which means it fits into one of the categories 00, 0, A, or B on the NOC system.

A favorable Labour Market Impact Assessment is often required by your company in order to get the points LMIA. If a business wants to recruit a foreign worker, they will often require an LMIA. It is aimed to demonstrate that hiring a foreign worker will not have a detrimental influence on the Canadian workforce.

Certain professions, however, are exempt from the LMIA. You may also claim points for these jobs if you have worked for them for a year and will continue working for them for at least a year after you acquire your permanent residence visa. Your current employer must also be the one listed on your work visa.

Job offer points may only be earned if

- At least one year of full-time, paid employment in a skilled profession;

- The offer is approved by your company and you and your job are named in the LMIA; or

- For the same company indicated on your LMIA-based work permit; or if you have a valid employment offer for at least a year after you obtain your permanent resident visa; or if you have a valid job offer for at least a year after you acquire your permanent resident visa.

A valid work permit and one year of full-time work experience for the same company, plus an employment offer for a minimum of a year after you get your permanent residency visa are all that is required to meet the LMIA criteria.

The CRS points may only be earned if your employment offer is accompanied by an LMIA, or if you are exempt from the LMIA.

An open work permit, such as a Post-Graduation Work Permit PGWP, does not allow you to get job offer points if your company has not completed an LMIA. In spite of the fact that an open work permit may help you get points for Canadian work experience or even qualify you for the Provincial Nominee Program PNP, the 50 or 200 points awarded for receiving an offer of employment are not available. Your employer should get an LMIA in order to receive the bonus points for the job offer.

Immigration officials must also be satisfied that you are capable of doing the job for which you have applied. As a result, IRCC will also examine whether you are likely to be licensed or certified by a Canadian regulatory agency.

Certification criteria are set by provinces and territories. The licensing and regulatory requirements for certain professions may be found on the Canadian government's website. You may also inquire about licensing and certification by contacting the appropriate agency in the province or territory where you want to settle.

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